Good, Bad or Angry? Is Angry Birds 2 Worth Downloading? Reviewed.

Good, Bad or Angry? Is Angry Birds 2 Worth Downloading? Reviewed.

There's a new bird, a fresh approach to levels and a variety of features and functions that support the biggest change of all: Angry Birds 2. It is a free-to-play game. Rovio's long-awaited follow-up is genuinely deserving of its "sequel", even coming as it does after a long string of spin-off. With Angry Birds 2, you can download the game for free and play for extended periods of time without paying a dime. 

Stages are more colourful, vibrant and alive now than they were. Flowers spit out debris from your assault, potentially knocking over other structures; rockets burst into the sky; little green pigs comes flying at the screen. The sound design is quite good as well, matching the hectic animation in every way.

The game follows a very complicated freemium payment system. It goes like: once you’ve spent your five lives, you must either wait for 30 minutes for each life to regenerate, watch an advertisement to gain a life, or pay premium currency.


The Game

Earlier you used to fire off some birds but if the game wasn’t going your way then you would restart the game. But in this version it gives you five "lives" to play with. Whether you fail a level or just manually reset it, that consumes a life. Once they're gone, you have to wait a half-hour for them to regenerate, the other way is you can watch a commercial when you are out of life.

The other way is that you will be provided with the "gems" that is the new game currency which you earn as you play in order to score a new set of birds when you fail a level.

Then next comes the levels, as soon as you move further to the difficult levels where the multi-“room” level introduces- where you've got to clear the pigs from two or more separate screens. It is like you have multiple levels in the same level!

You get angry bird cards at the start of each match and can use any card in any order you like. Each has its own special power and is known as “spell cards”. These spell cards are used to ease the suffering in tougher multi-room levels.

There is an Arena mode, that will update daily with a new scoring challenge. In this mode you will get a limited number of birds that will take you through the pre-selected stages. This mode works in the way: the higher you score, the higher will be your ranking. This mode has made Angry Bird as a competitive game!

For us, Angry Birds 2 didn’t made justice to our wait. The game’s persistence on making you wait to play a turn when you run out of lives is tremendously annoying. The person who is addictive to play games on a stretch will surely get frustrated.

But the game has its pros too! The graphics and the soundtrack and the game looks polished. Minor details were kept in mind. The 3D effect of pigs flying at you in an explosion is quite cool! It has a superficial kind of fun.


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