Fortnite has Become More Popular Than Pokemon Go and Candy Crush, Here's Why.

Fortnite has Become More Popular Than Pokemon Go and Candy Crush, Here's Why.

Exactly one year ago, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds came out of nowhere and quickly became the hottest competitive video game.

Fast forward to 2018, Fortnite which began as a Minecraft-inspired tower defense title has become one of the most popular games.

It clearly seems like everyone currently plays or has at least checked out Epic Game’s 100-person free-for-all. I

The game is so huge that over 600,000 people watched rap superstar Drake play it alongside famous streamer, Ninja

It's impossible not to have heard of this game and it's literally one of the hottest things on the planet right now.

Below are few reasons why Fortnite is so incredibly huge and popular, in addition to being lots of fun.

 1. It's free

Fortnite Battle Royale is free-to-play, normally we will expect a free game to have some kind of paywall, that will eventually make us empty our pockets to get a better experience, but honestly that's not the case in Fortnite.

Nothing in the core gameplay is hidden behind a paywall. The paid stuff is all cosmetics. If you want to look like John Wick or Thanos, there's going to be money involved. But you can be as good as Ninja without paying a dime however, the fact that Fortnite is free does not tell the whole story for why it’s the biggest video game on the planet.

2. Depth and sophistication

Unlike most popular online games, Fortnite offers players the chance to make use of multiple player skills, most of which are optional. It’s a game about shooting people,don't be surprised by the fact that most of the time, they are actually not shooting people that is where its stealth game thing comes in handy, allowing players to creep their way into the end-game without firing a shot. It’s also about exploring the world, finding those loot chests, sniper positions and hide-y holes. It encourages collection of resources, which are then used to build towers.

3. Fortnite is Multi-Platform 

You can literally download and play Fortnite on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, the game is accessible to millions of people who already own the hardware and want to play competitively against their friends.

4. Fortnite has some Famous Influencers under its belt

 Drake and Chance the Rapper are at the top of the list, but then you have fellow musician Joe Jonas, Josh Hart on the LA Lakers (the man has Fortnite shoes), and JuJu Smith-Schuster on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

You also have people who may or may not play Fortnite, but still want to associate themselves with the game, like comedians Roseanne Barr.

People love Fortnite, they play it all of the time, and they want everyone to know about it. What’s happening is largely organic and ultimately great for the video game. 

5. It's both Fun and Frustrating in a good way

When you first start playing, or if you're struggling to get your building skills nailed, Fortnite is frustrating as hell. You'll see an opponent throw up a bunch of ramps, get above you, and obliterate you in seconds.

But you'll go back to the lobby and you'll try again. And again. And again. That's because it's a lot of fun.

6. Fortnite is Stream Worthy

This part of Fortnite makes it soo much fun as the fact that it’s highly competitive and unique each time that you play Battle Royale, the matches feel soo unique in the sense that you don’t know which players you’ll encounter first and where.The lack of substantial plot and voice acting means that streamers can tell their own stories and create personas which viewers find most entertaining. 


*Honestly Fortnite is evolving with every update and Epic Games are surely doing an commendable job at keeping the community engaged with fresh content with every update and that honestly provides a reason to come back.

Now the company is providing huge cash prizes, so no doubt everyone wants to become a Fortnite pro player.

 Why do you think Fortnite is so popular? Let us know in the comments!

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