All Things Updated On The New Batman Movie, Ben Affleck Probably Bidding Goodbye To The Franchise

All Things Updated On The New Batman Movie, Ben Affleck Probably Bidding Goodbye To The Franchise

Matt Reeves is working on bringing The Batman again on the screen since last year. There were rumours that were doing the rounds weather Reeves will cast Ben Affleck in the role or go with a new actor.

Now the updated news states that Matt Reeves is totally rebooting The Batman and Ben Affleck playing the Caped Crusader is over. The writer-director’s script reportedly focuses on a younger Batman, on the other hand Warner Bros. didn’t have any comment on the story. The Hollywood Reporter says it is “unlikely” that Affleck will star in that solo picture.


Deadline wrote about the Geoff Johns changing roles at DC entertainment:

"There is an opportunity for Toby Emmerich to really reshuffle the executive deck on the feature side and turn DC into something more formidable than it is right now, even as a James Wan-directed Aquaman is coming and Wonder Woman 2 is in production, with Matt Reeves rebooting Batman for a new standalone franchise, likely with a new actor to play the Caped Crusader after Ben Affleck’s stints in Batman V Superman and Justice League."

Just after being casted in Dawn of Justice, there was a possibility of Affleck directing a standalone batman film. In 2016, Affleck was set to direct and co-write the film with Geoff Johns. Affleck’s Batman was supposed to start shooting in 2017, but by January 2017, Affleck was out of the director’s chair, but was still apparently set to play Batman.

But for now Affleck playing the caped Crusader is over. So what’s now? For now Warner Bros. and DC seem to be trying to create a new identity with their films in general.

In the beginning of this month new DCE chief Walter Hamada is cleaning house a bit now as DCE presidents Diane Nelson and Geoff Johns have both left those roles at the company. It seems like Hamada is getting the Chaos under control.  Despite the tidying up, there are still at least two jokers in our future with Jared Leto and Joaquin Phoenix both getting their own movies.

The studio is coming up with an idea of a separate production banner to house supers outside the Justice League continuity. According to THR  it could be called “DC Black” or “DC Dark,” which at least gets points for really leaning into their identity.

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