James Wan Leaked A Preview Of Aquaman Fight Scene

James Wan Leaked A Preview Of Aquaman Fight Scene

If it feels like we've been waiting years for Aquaman to take centre stage in Warner Bros' DC Extended Universe, then fret not as the first Aquaman trailer is confirmed for San Diego Comic-Con next month and to our surprise James Wan shared a sneak peek at ‘Aquaman’ fight scene from the editing bay

When showing off the figure Funko created to honor the filmmaker, Wan teased us by pulling up a shot of Aquaman grappling with a combatant in the background.

“My lifelike clone finally arrived!,” Wan wrote on Instagram. “Thank you Funko. Put him/me straight to work.” Check out his post below.




To me, it definitely looks like Jason Momoa on the left.Though its still unclear which character he is facing off against. Perhaps he’s facing off against Ocean Master here? 

Let us know what you think is going on in this scene in the comments below.

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