The Greatest Sports Films Of All Time For The Ones Looking For Motivation

The Greatest Sports Films Of All Time For The Ones Looking For Motivation

For years Hollywood and Bollywood films has impacted viewers in every aspect of life, However, there are certain films which inspire people irrespective of its genre and cult. Such movies directly evoke inspiration in people and so are the movies which are based on sports as they tend to evoke a sense of spirit in viewers.

Here's a list of the sports movies that you should not miss at all :

1. Rocky

There's a reason why the original Rocky won the Best Picture Oscar.

It's a heart touching story of a broken-down boxer who gets one last, very unlikely chance to prove himself against the World Heavyweight Champion. He refuses to do anything but his absolute best and trains harder than ever had, and he surprises the arrogant champion and the rest is HISTORY.

2. Raging Bull

The film that many consider as the finest of its decade, Raging Bull, has aged well, and not just because it was filmed in black and white, but because of the portrayal of the Great Jake La Motta and it could not have been done by anyone besides De Niro ,his masterful acting ability is Breathtaking and a pure genius

The performances are riveting and the visuals are stunning. The boxing sequences are brutally realistic

3. Jerry Maguire

Cameron Crowe's love story with a sports tilt benefits aesthetically from its rare NFL license. Tom Cruise stars as Jerry Maguire, a sports agent who is brought to a point of crisis in his life when he unexpectedly decides to become an honorable decent man. The film follows his comedic journey to redemption through an unlikely alliance with a female accountant, and the least important client on his roster. Jerry Maguire is docked one spot for reality: The Cardinals never would have been on Monday Night Football.

4. The Fighter

I would be crazy not to include this Oscar winner on the list.

Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg, Amy Adams and director David O. Russell come together to create one of the all-time greats. The movies takes place in the mid-eighties,The Fighter is an inspirational, true story of  two brothers who, against all the odds, come together to train for a historic title bout that will unite their fractured family, redeem their pasts and, at last, give their hard-luck town some PRIDE.

5. Becoming Zlatan 

From his debut with Malmö FF in 1999, through his conflict-ridden years with Ajax and up to his final breakthrough with Juventus in 2005, it follows the decisive years Zlatan Ibrahimović.

He proves that genius requires a touch of madness. Becoming Zlatan digs deep to find rarely seen interviews and archival footage of a young superstar in the making, painting a full picture of a star who's won championships in virtually every country he's played. Eccentricities can be forgiven in a player with such competitive drive, and who can do this.

6. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is the inspiring true story of India's Flying Sikh, Milkha Singh, who came within a whisker of winning an Olympic medal. The movie not only inspired a lot of sportspersons but also had an emotional connect with fans across India. The movie traces Milkha’s years in old Delhi, and moves on with him when he joins the army before hitting national headlines as India’s most successful athlete.

7. Chak De India

This heart touching story of the Indian Women's hockey team winning the World Cup against all odds would surely melt even the coldest heart. There angle of a beleaguered former player, brilliantly portrayed by Shah Rukh Khan, redeeming himself as the team's coach along with the added joy of beating Australia in the final is just surreal.

8. Iqbal

Iqbal is a inspirational story of a deaf and dumb village boy, who harbors the dreams of playing cricket for India. His father curbs his desire to play cricket and forces him to work in the fields to help the family earn a living. The boy, though is dedicated and finds time to practice bowling all by himself. Later, he comes to know that Naseeruddin Shah, who plays a cricket coach, could be of help to him. Though Shah is an alcoholic, he goes on to coach Iqbal. Eventually the boy represents India

9. M. S. Dhoni: The Untold Story

This movie is a biography of Ex Indian Cricket Team Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and shows the entire life story of his in a chronological order. The story portrays the journey of Dhoni through various odds and finally making a successful career in cricket and is an inspiration to many.

10. Mary Kom

This movie perfectly matches the theme of women empowerment by showing how Mary Kom, carved her way to the Olympic stage in a society where sadly women are not given much freedom to chase their dreams.

Despite the difficulty in raising her kids, Mary kom continues to practice boxing and eventually wins the bronze medal.



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