Wonder Woman Sequel's First Look is Out and it looks like Steve Trevor is set to make a Return

Wonder Woman” sequel, officially titled “Wonder Woman 1984 and the movie is set in 1984, which is almost 70 years after the WWI setting of the first film. 

Petty Jenkins ( who is returning to the director’s chair ) tweeted out a photo of Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor (spoiler alert!)



It clearly looks like comic book characters have a tendency to not stay dead, and theories such as time travel, resurrection, and alternate universes have all been flouted as possible explanations.

There is also the theory that Pine is playing his character Trevor's son this time around, nevertheless, he appears looking sharp as ever

Gadot also shared a photo of her return as Diana Price a.k.a. Wonder Woman




Also Kristen Wiig joins as the villainous Cheetah, while Pedro Pascal is also been cast in an undisclosed key role.

This is the eighth installment in the DC Universe franchise, and the fourth movie featuring Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

Just one thing is sure that we have about a year and a half to wait, as Wonder Woman 1984 will premiere on November 1, 2019.

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