12 Unconventional Pyschedelic Songs That'll Get You High Without Any Drugs

Psychedelic rock is intended to replicate and enhance the mind-altering experiences of psychedelic drugs, most notably LSD.

While the list could be endless,there are a hundred songs I could have picked, I have curated a smattering of essentials from those heady days to current era. The music here requires no actual medication to enjoy by they way; the sounds alone are a trip unto themselves. So, as the saying goes ... "Tune in, turn on and rock out," these are my 12 Essential Songs from the Psychedelic Genre.

1. White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane

2. Tomorrow Never Knows - The Beatles

3. The End - The Doors

4. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds- The Beatles

5. Purple Haze - The Jimi Hendrix Experience

6. Arriving Somewhere but Not Here- Porcupine Tree

7. Let It Happen- Tame Impala

8. Why Did I Get So High- The Peanut Butter Conspiracy

9. Legend of a Mind- The Moody Blues

10. Grace - Country Joe & The Fish

11. Dark Star - Grateful Dead

12. You're Gonna Miss Me- The 13th Floor Elevators

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