Euphoria Just Released A Revamped Version Of "Tumse Pyaar" And Its The Remake We Needed. Love You Euphoria.

Being a 90's Kid is still considered cool in every manner and why not those days were cool in every sense of the word, there was channel [V] with the coolest VJs; TV shows like Shaktiman, Shakalaka Boom Boom and much more. But the one thing that stood out was the music in that era.

Euphoria was much of a rage back in the nineties and early 2000s. Back in those days when we used to hear the word euphoria we used to get goosebumps

And why not, the band rocked the Indi-pop music scene with its refreshing genre which we called, ‘Hindi rock’. Palash Sen’s powerful vocals and aesthetically shot Bollywood-style videos that told a story of their own

Euphoria broke into the music scene with their hit album titled ‘Dhoom’ in 1998 and there was no looking back after that, Interestingly the band had a talented line up of brilliant musicians and  it was cause of that only the Euphoria team were able to wove magic with its music and set fire to the music charts.

Sadly, indi-pop or as we used to love to say DESI ROCK genre died a slow death cause of the commercialization of music. Yet, the songs of Euphoria endured the test of time and they have found a cult-following too

Yesterday, they released an revamped Avatar of Tumse Pyaar, which we can call brand new 'old' song from their first album, DHOOM 

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