Motivational Songs That Will Help You To Conquer Your Thoughts!

Motivational Songs That Will Help You To Conquer Your Thoughts!

There are some days when you feel low, your mind is stuck with all the negative thoughts and you need some motivation at that time. Here is the list of songs that will motivate you and help you to conquer your thoughts.

1. Thunder

This vibrant song will motivate and boost you up for the day!

2. Sanju: Kar Har Maidaan Fateh

The words are enough to motivate...


3. Eye Of The Tiger

If this song can't motivate you, then nothing can!

4. Aashayein

Chase your dream!

5. Get up; Stand up

Wise Words... Stand up for your rights!

6. Manja

This song will surely make your mood happy.

7. Don't worry be happy

Afterall, problems are a part of life..... Be Happy!

8. Lakshya

"Payega Jo Lakhsya Hai Tera" - This defines it all!

9. Firework

Be the light and let it shine.

10. Kholo Kholo

Not only the movie, the song is also an inspiration. 

11. Whatever It Takes

Don't back down.

12. Tu Na Jaane Aas Paas Hai Khuda

This will surely make you happy for the whole day!


13. Fly

Sky is the only limit...

14. Phir Se Ud Chala

The soothing voice will help you relax and give you power to work hard.

15. Hall of Fame

 The song is full of energy.... Golden words.

16. Allah Ke Bande Hasde


17. Masterpiece

You haven't seen your best of piece..... Be a masterpiece

18. Sinbad The Sailor

19. Lose Yourself

This song is so refreshing!


 20. All Izz Well


 21. Unwritten

 This song just brings so much happiness..




Which song motivates you? Let us know in the comment below if we have missed on any of your favorite song.


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