Indian Band "The Local Train" is Winning Everybody's Hearts With Their Soulful Rock Music. Here's Their Best Works

Indian Band "The Local Train" is Winning Everybody's Hearts With Their Soulful Rock Music. Here's Their Best Works

In 2015, in "Top 50 Rock Bands of India" held by "Sennheiser India", they were named as India's No. 1 rock band.

And guess what they were not even prepared for that,one of them just randomly made a profile for them. This “just random” moment made them win that show.

The Local Train, the band from local roots of New Delhi which specializes in Acoustic/Rock, became  the new face of Rock genre amongst youngsters.

In the last five years of their existence,'The Local Train', comprising Ramit Mehra (bass guitar, backing vocals,Raman Negi (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Sahil Sarin (drums, percussion, backing vocals) and Paras Thakur (lead guitar, backing vocals) have released six videos along with their debut album 'Aalas ka Pedh' in 2015.

Getting on to their journey and how the band formed is quite an interesting one! All four of them were not pursuing music professionally. They were from different backgrounds- be it civil engineering or computer science or a Radio jockey. Ramit was the person who got this band together.

Negi and Mehra used to jam in 2008 and after liking the music they produced, they went on to form a band. They met Sahil Sarin later that year.  Paras Thakur, the lead guitarist, joined the group in 2011, and the quartet was complete.

Another interesting story, is that their music came before their name. They recorded a demo of a song 'Choo Lo' and wanted to upload it, so they wanted a name. And then, 'The Local Train' didn’t sound all that bad .The song went viral in the college circuit and since then they  stuck with that.

From being broke, having fights, the blows that life doled out and all the ups and downs they have shared their experiences through their songs.


The band has just released their second album "Vaaqif". Vaaqif  came three years after their debut album Aalas Ka Pedh which was released in 2015. The first song to be written and composed for the album was ‘Khudi’, followed by ‘Aakhri Salaam’. In total, the band released 8 songs with this album.

For now, the band plans to play at as many festivals and venues as they can. “We don’t know any other way of life, to be honest. To make and play our music is all we live for,” says Negi.

The Local Train - Khudi

These are the greatest hits from their journey which we personally loved and we bet you will love them too! 

1. The Local Train - Aalas Ka Pedh - Choo Lo (Official Audio)


2. The Local Train - Aaoge Tum Kabhi


3. The Local Train - Dil Mere


4. The Local Train - Bandey


5. The Local Train - Manzil 


6. The Local Train - Dilnawaz 


7. The Local Train - Aaftaab


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