The Life Of Indian Rapper Naezy Reminds Us Of Eminem From 8 Mile. Here's his Story, From Rags to Riches.

The Life Of Indian Rapper Naezy Reminds Us Of Eminem From 8 Mile. Here's his Story, From Rags to Riches.


Naved Shaikh aka NAEZY is an underground rapper from Kurla village, Maharashtra and belongs to a lower background family. His journey from rags to riches is an inspiring one and is a living example of how one should always follow their dreams unconditionally

His grandparents were teachers at the municipal school and his father didn’t continue his studies and went to Dubai to earn a living for his family. His mother raised him alone. Family struggles didn’t stop them from giving the best education to their child so they sent him to a convent school. But there was a stage when he got influenced by some bad people, which led him behind the bars.

Being in Jail can shatter ones confidence, and that was the time Naved introspected and realized the direction he was heading to would not take him anywhere but Jain. He became a different person altogether, started participating in different college fests, functions and parties, where he found people who had as much passion for rap as he did. Inspired enough he started learning more about the genre.

He understood that the top western rappers wrote about themselves, their lives and issues and said what they wanted, not caring about it being socially acceptable. When you don't money, you've got jugaad, shooting a 0 budget rap video on a friends iPad the Gem that came out was called "Aafat" his first Rap Video.

The Indian Rap Dream Of Naezy

He wants to inspire people living in Gully (streets). He wants to educate them and help them to grow. He wants to do campaigns for them. He thinks that people living in Gully have a lot of talent in them and they just need help to enhance it (Such a great thinking boy!). He writes rap based on his life and different issues he faces, which is simple yet great to listen.

And getting this much at such an age is just an achievement. His story is now an inspiration for Zoya Akhtar’s next project- Gully Boy. And Ranveer Singh is playing the role of Naved Shaikh aka Naezy. It will have Naezy collaborate on lyrics with poet and lyricist Gulzar. (Great going!)

Ranveer Singh with Naezy!

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