Our Old Vh1 India is No More, and We Can't Stand This New Vh1. Make Vh1 Great Again!

Music has always influenced people. And the best international music channel in our country *was* Vh1 India that we all have been listening since our childhood. But the *Music Channel* is no more and what is left of it is a "cringeworthy entertainment news show" and a try hard Mtv.

Why Vh1? 

Why VH1 India

1. I Remember when our playlist was based solely on their music videos (especially the Vh1 Top 10).



 3. Now, Whenever we switch to Vh1 all we see is- "Billboard Music Award 2018 Nominees Special" and "Jersey Shore".

4. The original cast members of 'Jersey Shore' are a bunch of dumb people that travel to Miami Beach for vacation. Why does this show even exist?

5. The new logo looks like a child learning math. We miss our logo!

5. So called "Entertainment show" is about the latest news updates, gossip from the world of movies, television and fashion.

Guys we have other mediums to get updated, like News Channels and Miss Malinis and also facebook/instagram/twitter/youtube/snapchat/Colors infinity/Comedy Central and so many more.


Vh1 India we need our music channel back. So please co-operate and bring back our good ol' musical days.

With love, A True Fan.

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