11 Things People Who Grew Up Nerdy In India Relate To

1. You probably thought you were the coolest kid in school

2. You eagerly wait in never ending queues for the Super Fan Pass to Comic Con

3. As a true delhiite you would never miss the Darya Ganj’s Sunday book sale.

book sale

4. You have the most obsessive fandom merch in your wardrobe.

5. Nothing made you happier than getting your hands on one of these comic books

6. Supernatural fan theories that you’d dig so deep that you’d reach to the ends of the earth while doing so

7. You relate to Big Bang Theory like it’s your own life’s tale (but without a Penny of course!)

8. Sunday plan sorted: Harry Potter series with butter beer in hand (thank us later!)

9. You have your very own Fandom subscription box!

 10. This is how you prepare for a big trip

11. You probably have a blind date!! But..... it looks like this

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