13 Reasons Why Not To Watch "13 Reasons Why Season 2"

13 Reasons Why Not To Watch "13 Reasons Why Season 2"

The second season of the popular young adult drama 13 Reasons Why debuted on Netflix on May 18. Beginning five months after Hannah's suicide, the season follows Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker's story as Hannah's mother files a case against Liberty High for being responsible for her suicide. 

1.)The Time of It's Release

They have released the season during the exam time which is super dangerous for students. The season comes with a troubling message for teens.

2.)Too Much Dragging

The story line is dragging too much about the season 1. It’s just making the story lengthy and boring!

3.)New Problems On The Way

School age students strongly relate to protagonist Hannah — a victim of misogyny, rape culture and casual sexism. This new series came up with new mental problems.


4.)You Might Get Disturbed

Producers want to bring out the issues, and in trying to portray them, some issues and events looked really disturbing to the audience (even more than this guys!)

5.)Hannah As A Spirit

In this season Hannah’s spirit is continuously haunting Clay. There’s a piece of advice her story is done and no more flashbacks please. Start afresh.

6.)Long Episodes

There is no need of 13 episodes and that to one hour long. Its making it boring anyway. Each episode seems like 15 extra minutes are useless. And above all the Finale episode is 70 mins long (phew!!)

7.)Voice- Over

The voice-over works well initially but in the last half of the finale, when there’s not really any reason to hear every single one of Clay’s inner thoughts.

8.)Message Of Its Own

The problem is that 13 Reasons Why Season 2 is so interested in having a discussion and weighing both sides that it almost never actually has a message of its own. 

 9.)More Drama Over Issue

Alex’s missing memory, the dead animals as threats, the confrontation with Bryce’s friends where Alex points a gun, would be totally fine in a standard drama. You obviously need drama for the show to go on but this series need to focus on the issue. It just focused on courtroom drama!

10.)Man Pain

Man pain isn’t fun to watch. It’s boring. It’s tired. Clay’s story was pretty much over at the end of season one and it would be better if he played a supporting character! He became the focus of so much useless plots.

11.)Have You Missed The Glamour?

13 reasons why is a story on how one have attempted the suicide. They have made the suicide look glamorous and gave ideas for suicide too!

12.)Use The Topics Wisely

If the show wishes to make a mark then it has to use the issues wisely not serve as a background for cheap drama.

13.)Handle The Male Assault

It makes me wonder how they’ll handle the topic of male assault in their season 3, especially with how much they discussed it in the “Beyond the Reasons” special!


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