5 Latest Short Films Better Than Any Mainstream Bollywood Movie Of 2018

5 Latest Short Films Better Than Any Mainstream Bollywood Movie Of 2018

We know some people don't have time to watch a three hour long movie or watch web series with numerous episodes or wait for weeks to get a new episode live. Guys, we can understand! So we are here to solve your problem. Here are 5 short films that you can watch anytime you want and are so much better than the mainstream Bollywood flicks:-


Starring: Sanaya Irani, Anil Chatterjee

This film will leave  you thinking! The film was released on the digital platform on April 9. This is a dark story where the female doctor is getting scared from one of the peon working there. But you can’t judge the book by its cover. Do you really think this is the whole story about the peon scaring the doctor or is there anything else to this? Check that thrilling movie here...



Starring: Pavail Gulati, Shreya Chaudhary.

Love time travelling and wished you could go in your past and make some changes? Well, this is not about time travelling but the film starts from present and goes to the past. The film revolves around a bride who is confused whether to get married or not. What do you think is she still confused or she has some other plans?
watch this short movie here....



Starring:Naveen Kasturia, Gunjan Malhotra, Darshan Jariwala

The sequal of popular short film Half Ticket is out. And you cant miss out. The film revolves around the couple who has their first anniversary on the day Derby is taking place. The actor has two couple passes, but he don’t has his date with him.

The next morning she comes to surprise him, not only she but his father also comes to see him. Now he is confused who take and how to introduce her girlfriend to his fhather? 

Catch this twisted film here.....



Starring: Rasika Duggal, Sartaaj Kakkar

The child artist steals the show. The story revolves around the mother and son ( and a hidden lesson). The son asks his mother for a new school  bag because tomorrow is his birthday! So the next day mother prepares his favorite food and brought a new school bag. But now we want to know whether he will be able to eat that tasty food and receive his gift? Whether he will come back from his school? How long his mother has to wait for him to return back from school?

Watch this heart touching film here....



Starring: Syed Shabahat Ali, Bipin Damo, Apurva Shukla

In today’s era, believe on arrange marriage is shaking. People don’t consider arrange marriage as stable as love marriage. People find it difficult to get settled in arrange marriage. This movie revolves around how the couple-to-be try to escape from their wedding together. This sounds interesting RIGHT?

Get yourself arranged and watch this unarranged short film here......


 So your weekend is sorted. Make sure you add these fantastic short films to your bucket list!!


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