8 *Superhits* From AIB's Pocket That Are Must Watch For Those Who Want To Laugh Out Loud!

8 *Superhits* From AIB's Pocket That Are Must Watch For Those Who Want To Laugh Out Loud!

Everyone knows about All India Backchod (AIB) and the type of content they make. They make the most hilarious videos and everybody loves them. But everybody has their own favorites. So, here we are with the our favorites form the list Of AIB.(though it was a tough task to select *bit laughs*)

AIB | Alia Bhatt- Genius Of The Year

We all rememeber when Alia Bhatt got trolled On "Koffe With Karan". She slammed all the haters with this collaboration with AIB where she joins a gym and exercises her brain and goes from “Dolce & Gabbana to smart like Shabana”.

AIB | Honest Indian Flight

This is an insane series which shows what you say in a flight and what you actually wish to say. In literal meaning, "Your Inner Voice!"


Zakir Khan - When I meet a Delhi Girl | AIB Diwas

Zakir Khan is one of the best stand-up comedian. His famous "Sakht Launda" seires is just anything that every Indian guy can relate to.

AIB | Honest Indian Weddings

This honest Indian wedding series shows the reality behind the big fat Indian weddings. it is such a thoughtfully scripted act. 


AIB | Every Bollywood Party Song feat. Irrfan

This video presents Irrfan Khan in a really different avataar. Watching him groove on the peppy number with the most honest lyrics is the best part of this video by AIB.

AIB | Dhoom 3 Parody 

This is the parody made and dedicated to Yash Raj Films, as they had rejected the idea of AIB to make a parody on Dhoom, and that too under their banner. This parody is really hilarious.

AIB | If Apps Were People

This video by AIB has a really interesting concept where different social media Apps are alive and demonstrating LIVE activities. The concept seems quite interesting and unique too.

AIB |  Knockout of Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor

How can we miss out this roast  which made quite a buzz at that time. This roast session has everything from dark jokes to celebrity secrets to bang on punches!


So tell us your favorites in the comments section below!


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