Benedict Cumberbatch Fought Off Muggers Near Baker Street Like Real Sherlock Holmes and We're Thankful.

Benedict Cumberbatch is best known for playing a hero in the BBC series "Sherlock" and the Marvel movie "Doctor Strange" but, while taking an Uber in London recently, he stopped a crime in real life: He jumped out of the car to help a young delivery man being mugged by four other men.

According to the reports by the sunCumberbatch and his wife Sophie Hunter, 40, were travelling in an Uber when they spotted a Deliveroo cyclist surrounded by four men and being hit over the hit with a bottle.

The driver quickly stopped the car and he and Cumberbatch got out and intervened in the assault, saving the grateful cyclist from further injury.


The driver of the car, told the newspaper: “Benedict was courageous, brave and selfless. If he hadn’t stepped in, the cyclist could have been seriously injured. Here was Sherlock Holmes fighting off four attackers just round the corner from Baker Street Practicing the art of Deduction and Predicting their every move, scaring them away, he might as well figure out who those attackers were and why were they mugging him. Where's Watson when you need him?

 * Although the incident took place last year ( November of 2017 ), details of Cumberbatch's involvement were reported on June 2.

Deliveroo, the company which employed the food delivery cyclist, also posted a tweet thanking Cumberbatch for his "brave actions"


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