Avengers 4's Teaser Can Be Seen In This Avengers Trailer. EASTER EGG REVEALED!

Avengers 4's Teaser Can Be Seen In This Avengers Trailer. EASTER EGG REVEALED!

Trailers are everything to a movie. They set the expectation for what we're about to see, hype up certain moments we're supposed to look forward to seeing, and, above all, they're supposed to make us purchase a ticket to see the latest and greatest at the movies.
When it comes to a movie as massive as Avengers: Infinity Wars with such an intense fan interest, fans pore over every single piece of available footage to try and get some idea of what the full film entails during the lead-up to release. 

Last chance to head back before spoiler unleashes its wrath on you

But when folks finally saw the incredibly secretive Infinity War, they were surprised to find that some of the scenes in the trailers—including one major “hero shot” in particular—not only weren’t in the movie. A moment where several of our heroes, including Captain America, Black Panther, Black Widow, and The Hulk (Spotted) all charge towards the camera; as you'll clearly see below.

Instead, here's what we see in the final movie: Bruce Banner is in the Hulkbuster armor. That’s because Hulk is not willing to come out and do any fighting, no matter how much Bruce Banner is trying to concentrate.

Interestingly, however, the Hulkbuster is not present earlier in the trailer as well.

People might call it a "money shot" but I found it rather refreshing and hope others will as well.

What if this ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ trailer scene actually teases Part 2?

TWO WORDS: "Time Travel"


Somehow, someone will mess with the timeline again(like Thanos did), and prevent Thanos from obtaining the sixth stone.

What if Hulk’s presence is, in hindsight, an easter egg? What if his presence is actually a teaser for what’s to come in part 2 next year? As you all know many of these characters will be resurrected.

Rolling back time just to revive the dead isn’t enough for the Avengers to win. They still have to destroy the invading force on Wakanda, like they sort of did the first time around. Because, no matter how far you roll back time, it won’t change Thanos’s plan. He’ll still come for the stones, his warriors will still attack Earth. All of that needs to be stopped, somehow. I guess that's where HULK will come in handy

Part 2 of Infinity War will surely explain who is coming back alive and who's not.

But it might also bring us a second Wakanda fight starring the exact same players, with at least one notable exception. Banner could transform into the Hulk, leaving the Iron Man costume for someone who can actually pilot it. 

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