Chris Hemsworth Seen Shooting Men in Black 4, The Spin-off We Need!

Chris Hemsworth Seen Shooting Men in Black 4, The Spin-off We Need!

Chris Hemsworth seen in the set photos for Men in Black 4, a London based Spin-Off Of the Original Men In Black, along with the Thor: Ragnarok Co-Star Tessa Thompson.

The film takes place in the same universe as the original Men in Black films, and according to the reports It will be expanding upon the existing sci-fi world in which Agents K and J operated.

Here are the photos:-

Chris Hemsworth Shooting Men in Black 4

Sources also note that the movie is "more of an ensemble piece than a two-hander," so fans should expect to meet plenty more characters beyond Thompson and Hemsworth's agents. Additionally, the refreshed Men in Black will "be more global in scope." 

There is also a possibility that the spin-off will somehow build a connection between Men In Black and 21 Jump Street Series that would give a start to the crossover movie. Currently confirmed cast includes Tessa Thompson, Chris Hemsworth, Rafe Spall, Liam Neeson, & Kumail Nanjiani.


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