Flash Season 4 Proves Why DC Still Can Make a Big Comeback. Barry's Daughter Introduced.

Flash Season 4 Proves Why DC Still Can Make a Big Comeback. Barry's Daughter Introduced.

Although DC has been dethroned by Marvel Cinematic Universe when it comes to movies, The Flash Tv Series has proved to be at its all time best with Barry stopping his alter ego "Savitar" and now the Biggest "Non Speedster" Villain in the Series called Clifford Devoe taking over the world.

The special thing with Clifford Devoe is that he's just a normal super-smart Scientist who was seduced by the dark matter(like darth vader, but worse). He claims to have calculated all the possible outcomes of the future with his fight against Barry Allen and team, and in every possible outcome he wins.


This is the darkest villain of The Flash, brutally killing meta humans and absorbing their energy one by one. The Season Finale left everyone is awe, especially when Barry gets help from another unknown speedster in saving central city. While nobody noticed anything due to the super speed of this other speedster, the flash knew that there was someone else who helped him save the city and saved his life. And we, as audience saw a purple lightning punch.

Nora allen

Who is Nora Allen?

Nora Lallen

While everyone is celebrating Joe's baby, we come across someone we had seen before. Yes, she was the server at Barry's Wedding. That's the mystery girl we all had so many crazy theories about.

We finally know! In the comics Barry's daughter is Dawn Allen and the series has introduced its version of Dawn Allen, though in this incarnation she's called Nora West Allen.

What's Ahead?

Nora says that she made a big mistake, and most probably that mistake should be her messing up with the timeline. There isn't much teased about 5th Season, but we think the villain should be created when Nora did a Flashpoint 2.0. Just as she saved Barry Allen, and messed up the timeline.
Well we know that the next villain is not a speedster as teased by the producers. Hope we'll get a sneak peak for what's about to come at Comic Con 2018.

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