Feeling Uninspired? These 10 T.V Series Will Inspire You And Give You Ideas To Do Create Awesomeness.

Feeling Uninspired? These 10 T.V Series Will Inspire You And Give You Ideas To Do Create Awesomeness.

There are numerous T.V/ web series that are based on reality and drama. On the other hand there are T.V/ web series that are based on entrepreneurial life. So here’s presenting a list of some great TV/ web series which will bring out the entrepreneur in you.


It is a reality show where the aspiring entrepreneurs from different parts of the world come and show their ideas to a set of investors known as the “Sharks”. These aspiring entrepreneurs show their presentations to these sharks and persuade them to invest in their idea.


This is an original series of CNBC. The series takes you to the green room of the entrepreneurial world. In this series the great businessmen reveal their secrets on how they have turned a general idea into an extraordinary idea.



This series revolves around 5 people and how they set up a start-up in Silicon Valley. It is one of the most famous series worldwide based on start-ups and young entrepreneurs. The fifth season will premiere on March 25, on HBO.


Ever wondered how to stack the deck in your favour? House of Cards is a great example of this. This series has drama, but, also shows that everybody has a thought process and can force strings eventually to get what they need.


This is the first Indian web series which is totally based on the theme of Entrepreneurs. The series revolves around four boys, who had typical desk job, decided to quit and start their own start-up company and become full- time entrepreneurs.


It has a really unique concept. In this series, 3 people, a banker from Brooklyn, a Haitian gang lord and a Cuban hacker put their heads together to raise a potential multi-billion dollar business on ‘digital currency’ called GenCoin.


This show revolves around real-life businessman Marcus Lemonis. He invests in struggling business and give advices to them to make them a highly profitable entities, in return of  an ownership stake in the company.


It is an original series of HBO starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his struggle to start a new life after his football career. Johnson’s character exhibits incredible sales skills throughout the series. This is the best show to watch if you want to be an entrepreneur in this fast moving world.



As a businessman Pablo Escobar is selling expensive and imported  electronics, as he finds a new business opportunity dealing in cocaine. He becomes the wealthiest criminal in history, net worth of $30 billion.



It is the Canadian version of Shark Tank where entrepreneurs pitch in for their ideas to get investments from the sharks.  The fact that they're constantly denying contestants who don't know their business figures is a great reminder to stay on top of your revenue, profit, and growth projections.


Hope you are convinced and might liked the tricks and suggestions from these shows. Hope they will help you in your near future. And please tell us in the comments below which one is your favorite show or if we have missed out on any of the show!


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