Japan Now Has Pikachu On Their Streets! All Thanks To Pokémon Stands.

Japan Now Has Pikachu On Their Streets! All Thanks To Pokémon Stands.

Japan loves Pokémon and vending machines too! So they now have the Pokémon vending machines!

Pokémon Stand is a new Pokémon vending machine available at various Pokémon Centers, as well as several airports and other places in Japan. There will be a mascot of Pikachu appearing on the screen to guide and recommend plushies to people passing by.



Mascot Pokémon Pikachu will appear on the screen to interact and guide people through the buying process on the touch panel, including showing larger images of the plushies before the final confirmation. Pikachu also call people passing by to get their attention. Pokémon Stand machines also currently have Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean as available languages so that lots of people can take advantage of this cute vending machine.

Those who will purchase something from any one of these Pokémon Stands will get a gift code for a surprise Rotom Power that can be used in Ultra sun and Ultra Moon! And who knows what one will get, but it might be something AWESOME!

We wish that these vending machines can be put up in India too!

*I can already imagine Pikachu interacting with me*


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