Maisie Williams Gave Out A Big Game Of Thrones Teaser

Maisie Williams Gave Out A Big Game Of Thrones Teaser

While we've all been eagerly waiting for the Season 8 of Game Of Thrones.

Just a drip of teaser and we end up obsessing about all the awesomeness the show creates. Maisie Williams, who play Arya Stark in our beloved show, (accidentally or not) gives out a teaser which might mean Arya will survive game of thrones.

Twitter is going Ga Ga after Maise Tweeted Goodbye to Game Of Thones. While it is not the goodbye that spoils anything, or the picture of those bloody shoes. The hashtags in the tweet are giving out a lot.


And then to give out even more flame to the fire, Lena Headey (Cersie) calling her the "Queen". Check out the tweet here:-

Do you think it is potential spoiler to Game Of Thrones, if not anything. It means that Arya might be the last woman left, which means Cersie and Daenerys will Die.


While Game Of Thrones love killing our beloved characters, killing Daenerys will be shocking.

But this tweet could also mean Maisie was the last woman to finish Game Of Thrones Shooting, so it does not exactly confirm that Arya will be the last woman standing.
What do you think it might mean, are you as excited about Game Of Thrones as us? Tell us in the comments here...


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