A Dark "Mowgli" - Warner Bros Own Rendition of Rudyard Kipling’s Classic Story. Trailer Out Now!

A Dark "Mowgli" - Warner Bros Own Rendition of Rudyard Kipling’s Classic Story. Trailer Out Now!

Finally Warner Bros. is unveiling its own rendition of Rudyard Kipling’s classic story. Directed by motion capture supremo Andy Serkis, Mowgli has been in the works for long time and yesterday, we finally had our first look at the movie in the form of its First trailer.

Interestingly the trailer more on a mature side. I believe this most certainly is not your childhood take on The Jungle Book narrative. Rather it looks like Mowgli is going to lean hard into the  hero's origins with the wolves and our very own Bagheera (Christian Bale). The clip shown in that trailer shows Mowgli going on some wild adventures, with a very mature and hard-hitting take on the action and violence.

Other voice actors bringing this dark vision of the jungle to life include Cate Blanchett as Kaa the snake, Benedict Cumberbatch as the tiger Shere Khan and Serkis as Baloo the bear.

Despite it being on a mature side and more emphasis given on darker vision, I know one thing that is for sure that Mowgli indicates that it will generally line up with the arc of the classic story. Mowgli will focus on the young boy's journey through the jungle as he learns to survive under the guidance of Bagheera and Baloo.

I am sure he will find himself chased by vicious and deadly animals as he will gradually learn the tragic truth behind his past with the humans and will find a place for himself between humankind and the animal kingdom.

* The film also stars Rohan Chand as Mowgli, Matthew Rhys, and Freida Pinto

Warner Bros. will release “Mowgli” on Oct. 19.

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