Netflix aired a powerful ad celebrating their black performers, writers, and creators

"A Great Day in Hollywood" gathered 47 creatives to celebrate the streaming service's commitment to diverse and inclusive storytelling.

During the BET Awards on Sunday, Netflix released a powerful and stirring clip that highlights the black creatives that work both in front and behind the camera on its many original shows and films.

Although the promo has been in the works for months, the release comes on the heels of the recent termination of corporate communications chief Jonathan Friedland, who had used the N-word on multiple occasions.

Inspired by the iconic “A Great Day in Harlem” photo from 1958, Netflix’s Strong Black Lead arm gathered the likes of Spike Lee, Ava DuVernay, Lena Waithe and Justin Simien among others on the Universal Studios backlot for their own “A Great Day in Hollywood.”

The campaign is part of Netflix’s larger Strong Black Lead initiative, which is designed to represent “an intentional focus from Netflix to talk authentically with the black audience.



The behind-the-scenes video of everyone singing during the photo shoot is also a sight to behold

Thank you, Netflix, for seeing the value in representation and actually doing something about it with an ever-growing constellation of stories that amplify diverse voices.

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