Netflix Has A Secret Request Page You Need To Know About.

Netflix Has A Secret Request Page You Need To Know About.

From Mainstream T.Vs and Cinemas we all have skipped to web series, short movies or different media apps, on which we can watch anything and everything we love at any point of time! 

( Ummmmm..... Not Everything!!! )

One such media app is Netflix (and we all are aware of that DUH!!) Netflix has given us so much and we have spent so many weekends on binge watching the thrilling Netflix Originals.

But when it comes to some of our favorite old T.V series or any other current series then it becomes limited. This disappointment we not only face from Netflix but from other media apps too!!  There are lots of classic series and movies that they do not carry.

So all you binge watchers please don’t be sad. We have a hack for you! Netflix has a really cool feature of a secret request page. Now, you can request for your favorite content on Netflix. Subscribers can make specific request for their favorite T.V shows or movies that they want to watch.

Watch out for the Netflix's tweet here:

 How You Can Make This Possible? Follow These Simple Steps

  1. Go to the Netflix page and login to your Netflix Account.
  2. Move to the Help Center section and Look under “Learn About Netflix” and click on: “How does Netflix get TV shows and movies to stream online?”
  3. Then you are almost there... Click on “Suggest TV shows or movies,” towards the bottom of the page.
  4. Request your favorite shows and movies. Netflix gives you the option of requesting 3 favorites at a time!

*Yesss, it's that simple.*

Before you start requesting your favorite show(cough* GOT) or movie again and again let us tell you about the algorithm. You just have to request your show or movie once as Netflix keep the track of all your requests. But there is a bit problem too! Its not always possible that what you have requested for will definitely be added to your list (we can’t guarantee you this!). This may happen because of the licensing issues. (In the case of GOT, it’s exclusive to HBO).

We hope that you have a great time requesting and happy watching!


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