Netflix To Shut Down Its Review Feature Deleting All Existing Reviews With It

Netflix To Shut Down Its Review Feature Deleting All Existing Reviews With It

Wanna really express how much you loved Marvel's Daredevil? Or how unnecessary 13 reasons why Season 2 felt? Well you better do it on sites like imdb or rotten tomatoes as Netflix is removing the written reviews feature, taking away all the existing reviews with it over the course of July and August, 2018 according to CNET.

This is not the first time the Web Streaming giant has changed the feature, moving from a 5 star rating system, Netflix started with a Thumbs up and down rating system which left many fans frustrated as there weren't many options for them to rate a movie/web-series. Although the written review feature was helpful, it was only available for desktop users.

Removing the already lesser used feature, Netflix has shifted its focus to investing more into its original Tv Shows and Movies.

This news comes at a time when Netflix is at its peak. This spring, the streaming service took the crown as the most valuable media company in the world and hit 125 million subscribers worldwide. The decision would make sense as bringing out quality Tv Series/Movies would really make them invincible and the fans even more indulged to binge on.

While we would miss this feature, cannot wait to see what more does Netflix have up their sleeves! What do you think? Was is really a vital feature they removed? Let us know in the comments!


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