Not a Comic/Sitcom Fan? I Bet These 9 Places In Mumbai Will Change Your Mind!

Not a Comic/Sitcom Fan? I Bet These 9 Places In Mumbai Will Change Your Mind!

Influence of western culture on us ‘unsuspecting’ Indians is a topic that has been around for quite some time, ever since pop rock was introduced to the country, I believe.  be it Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Marvel comics, anime, WHATEVER your heart desires. Here is a list of the cool places in Mumbai that holds  our long standing love and obsession for superheroes in mind, and fulfill your need to feel closer to them....

1. GOT - Gospel Of Taste

Gospel Of Taste is the first Game Of Thrones-themed cafe in Mumbai. Located on St.Theresa Road, a little ahead of Title Waves, the cafe is already on our must-visit list. The attention to detail at the cafe is impeccable with an Iron Throne, dragon eggs, swords and dragon miniatures adorning the space. So visit Bandra, all dressed up as your favourite character if you like, because it won’t be as silly when you sit on the Iron Throne and click pictures as the king or the queen of Westeros.

Location: Plot 126 A, 29th Road,Turner Road, Next to Duruelo Convent School, Linking Road, Bandra West

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2. Leaping Windows

Started off as an online library. Few years back, they opened their Café and Library. This place is your fix for comic books, graphic novels and manga, with some great home-style food. Are you a comic enthusiast? Then Leaping Windows in the suburbs is the place you have to visit. With outdoor, indoor, top and underground seating, this place is remarkable, considering its small size. Completely decorated with comic artwork, it also offers mouth-watering dishes and some great drinks. Oh, wait. Do you want to know the best part? The underground comic library! It’s definitely a cozy spot to spend your time, enjoy the amazing comic collection, and don’t forget to try out their cold coffee. PS: We visited the cafe in the monsoons last year and we were spell-bound.

Location: 3 Corner View, Dr. Ashok Chopra Marg, Off Yari Road, Opp. Bianca Towers, Versova, Andheri West

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3. The SuperHero Cafe

Superheroes are life savers and so is "The superhero cafe" A small cafe lying in the heart of Mahavir Nagar - Panchsheel Gardens. The theme of Superhero Cafe is nicely presented in the interiors of the cafe. Right from the walls to the ceilings to even the menu, everything was perfect.  If you are fan of comic character you should for sure try this place out. Not just the ambiance but also the variety of name for its dishes is amusing, and they are described perfectly to order of your choice.The menu gives a comicesque feeling with interesting descriptions of the dishes.

Location: Shop no 14, panchsheel garden, Mahavir Nagar, kandivai west, Mumbai

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4. Central Perk 7

While themed cafes are springing up in every nook and corner, this one is Inspired from the original Central Perk, Mumbai has got its first F.R.I.E.N.D.S themed café called Central Perk 7 in Kharghar, Navi-Mumbai. The café is designed and planned keeping in mind little things about the show. As soon as you enter, the feeling of nostalgia hits you. The iconic orange and green sofa, some of the best clicks from the series covering the walls, the board that says ‘Central Perk’, that perfect purple door, a mug that says ‘you are her lobster’ and so much more. The café is what every F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fan is going to shed a tear in while watching the re-runs of the series. Speaking more about interiors, they have a photo wall with innumerable black and white pictures of certain moments and screenshots, some photo frames, the coasters and coffee mugs that are customized. Few of them read – ‘They don’t know that we know they know’, ‘Joey doesn’t share food’, ‘I’m not good at advice, can I interest you with a sarcastic comment?’

Location: Shop 15 & 16, Station Main Road, Sector 8, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai


5. Heroes Lounge

A superhero-themed sheesha lounge cum cafe that’s entirely vegetarian, Heroes Lounge serves Italian, Lebanese, Chinese and Thai. They have a separate section for hookah and serve food in the other section. This place is famous for sheesha and most people visit this place for this reason only.The ambience is really good and the superhero theme is quite on point.

Location: 4th Floor, The Destination SRA CHS LTD, G.M. Road, Near Shoppers Stop, Ghatkopar East, Mumbai

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6. Food For Thought

If you love both bookshops and delicious food, head to Food For Thought, a cafe situated at Flora Fountain, which you’ll find inside a bookstore: the legendary Kitab Khana. it’s easy to get distracted by the aroma of freshly baked goods. As you tiptoe around the room, looking for the source of that wonderful aromas wafting in the air, you run smack dab into Food for thought—a quaint little café tucked away into a corner of the bookstore. What better place to read a good book and tuck away yourself in a corner with a baked yoghurt or have a good conversation with someone and a hearty laugh over a hot chocolate. You wouldn’t expect the food at a cafe attached to a bookstore to be so good, but keep your expectations high. Everything from the mac n’ cheese to the nutella waffles served here are fantastic. The interiors are calming and beautiful, with mint-coloured walls decked out with portraits of classic books.  You can browse through their diverse collection of books

Location: 45/47, Kitabkhana, Somaiya Bhavan, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Flora Fountain, Fort

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7. Fable

A classy, contemporary and comfortable all-day dining café and pizzeria, Fable in Juhu transports you to the magical fantasy world of books with its innovative décor. What catches the eye before you enter Fable is the elegantly designed, iconic logo depicting the amalgamation of a fork and pen, resonating the tagline of ‘Cooking Up Stories’. The Wishing Well, Reading Lamp, Fable Wall add more beauty to the place.

Location: 3, Ashiyana Apartment, N.S Road 13, Juhu

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8. Bombay To Barcelona Library Cafe

Started by Amin Sheikh, a former street kid, it took years before this dream could be finalised. The cafe works on simple rules – it’s open to all with no sense of discrimination and is run by volunteers. Their in-house chef, bakes all the good goodies and churns fresh juices rather quickly. As a library cafe, you are allowed to take books only if you’re willing to donate books in return. You can specify the reason for your donation or why you’d want that particular book to be read by the others.

There is no concept of a set menu; all the items available are written on a blackboard above the kitchen. The food is just plain amazing! You can find pastas, tapas, rolls, sandwiches, crepes and desserts. Try the yogurt spinach roll, mushroom onion sandwich, Spanish omelets, and baked yogurt for dessert.

Location: Golden Nest Society Apartments, Mapkhan Nagar, Aashiyana Society, Marol, Andheri East, Mumbai

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9. Pavement Book Sellers At Fort

I am a comic collector and always have been one. The most common question I am faced with is ‘how did you start collecting comics, and do you still do so?’ Back when I was a kid, right till I was in college, I used to find myself visiting bookshops for my comic fix. Over the years, many of these bookshops have disappeared in the fight against online retailers. But fret not the pavement book sellers strewn all over and around Fountain area had a superb collection of comics, you can easily find  lot of mint condition Asterix and Tintin issues from these stalls, along with the usual Marvel and DC singles.

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