Remembering Anthony Bourdain, A Man Who Was A Feast To Watch

Remembering Anthony Bourdain, A Man Who Was A Feast To Watch

Anthony Bourdain, the television personality and writer who shot to fame with his culinary-driven globe trotting, has died by suicide. He was 61.

According to the reports, he was found dead in his Strasbourg hotel room by his friend





Bourdain was better known for his writing and television work than he was for his culinary creations. He hit the big time with the 2000 publication of “Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly.” The bestseller was hailed by critics for its witty, energetically written look behind-the-scenes of the restaurant industry.

Anthony Bourdain’s Moveable Feast is one such prime example about how Anthony Bourdain built his career on the telling of truth . You should certainly give it a read about how the swaggering chef has become a travelling statesman.

The news was shocking, i always felt like he seemed to love life without any limit. But there was a darkness in him that gave him allure. It seemed, though, that the worst of that the part that led him to heroin addiction as a young man was over.

In fact, his entire body of television work traveling, discovering the world through its food, and making great TV about it  conveyed to me a joy in being alive


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