Remember That's So Raven? Its BACK! YES! Here's What They Are Upto

Remember That's So Raven? Its BACK! YES! Here's What They Are Upto

Remember the girl- Raven from That's so Raven ? If not, we can help you with this! The very famous series from our childhood on Disney, stars Raven Symoné showed how she gets herself, her friends and family members, out of various situations, usually by using her psychic powers and skills as a master of disguise (neither of which did really help though). After five splendid psychic years, That’s So Raven ended its stretch on the Disney Channel in 2007.  You have to check out "That's So Raven Title Track" from our Disney Days.

(The rap though *ha ha*)

We hope now you remember her! But have you wondered where she is now and what is she up to?

Let’s dig into her life after the show ended. After That’s so Raven, Disney created a spinoff of the show, Raven’s Home, where we saw Raven as a single mother of two preteen children. Along with her best friend  Chelsea Daniels(Anneliese van der Pol). Both of them are divorced single mothers raising their separate families in one chaotic household. This multi camera comedy aired in 2017. She was also an executive producer on the comedy series.


But if you are a Raven fan and have missed the spinoff, Disney is coming up with the renewed season of “Raven’s Home”. “Raven’s Home Season 2” will be aired from 25th June. Season 2 will also include several throwbacks to That’s So Raven (*nostalgic*).


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