Underrated Shows That Survived Long Just Because Of Their Loyal Fans

Underrated Shows That Survived Long Just Because Of Their Loyal Fans

Every show has two phases, first when they have fans and the second when they have a fanbase. These T.V shows have not only created a huge fanbase but also a passionate and a loyal fanbase that no other show can compete to. Let's take a look at these shows with the crazy fanbase.


    Games Of Thrones have become the HBO’s popular series of all time. GOT has the largest and the true fanbase. Certain facts states that, 8.9 million people watched the Game of Thrones finale live, setting a record for both the series and HBO as a network. The show is gaining its audience season after season. The show has a huge fanbase on their social media pages as well.

    Doctor Who

      Whovians” have spread worldwide. may have a leg up on the some of the competition because it's been around for 1963, but "Whovians" are still lining up at current-day conventions to this day. Fans even kept the show going after it was cancelled in 1989. This is a true fanbase. This TV show has a great fanbase that has even created a society. Not only fans, but celebrities are also crazy for this show.


        Supernatural Season 5 was the end of this show. But now it recently completed its 13th Season. This happened just because of the fanbase it has made over the years. Show managed to survive on television this long in large part because of their dedicated fanbase.

        Star Trek

          Star Trek’s unique relationship with its fans began as early as 1964. Trekkies is what Star Trek fans called themselves. Trekkies may be naturally obsessed with knowing everything there is to know about Star Trek, but true fans are more concerned with the ideas, concepts, stories, and characters that make up its heart and soul.


            Sherlock has a great fanbase and its active too. But, the only drawback of being a Sherlock fan is that you have to wait for years for the its next season. Sherlock’s fandom is deeply in love with the talented Benedict Cumberbatch. The fan girls of this fandom never hesitate from expressing their love for the show’s characters.


              People have a deep connection with Friends — one that can only be achieved from serious repetition. Above all a true Friends Fan will love to quote about it in their real life. This T.V series is so realistic that everybody can relate to it and have made a huge fanbase from the past 20 years or even more.

              Dragonball Z

                The major reason for Dragon Ball Z reaching a bigger audience is that it's characters Goku and Vegeta were a huge positive influencers. Dragon Ball Z is the most legendary anime in terms of reach because it shifted the focus from American cartoon to Japanese anime and also played a major part in many people's childhood.


                We found these shows with the loyal and crazy fanbase. Which one is your favorite or we missed your favorite show? Please let us know in the comments section below! 


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