10 Most Funny and Relatable Desi Stand Up Comedians You Need To Know About

10 Most Funny and Relatable Desi Stand Up Comedians You Need To Know About

You can find lots of talent from every part of the country's capital- Delhi. Delhi is not only best known for its food or fashion or places to visit or its night-outs, but it has also given us lots of talent in the form of Stand-up comedians. Here are our delhi desi stand-up comedians who stand out and are relatable to all the North Indians.

Amit Sharma

Amit Sharma belongs to the commonly found Indian engineer species. He thought he has a personality split disorder. so after working for 8 years in private sector he finally followed his comic personality. From being in the Top 10 of the ‘Radio Mirchi Comedy ka Ghanta’ to his numerous performances at various theatres, clubs and comedy clubs, Amit has grown a lot in his career. he is the kind of comedian you don't know whether you are laughing with him or at him, and it doesn't really bother him either way. Amit Sharma is one of the most loved and the fastest-growing standup in the Delhi

Angad Ranyal

Angad Ranyal was born in Delhi and brought up in Libya, so he is culturally puzzled.  Angad was not a normal kid who accidentally landed on this field  (he has an Engineering degree, along with an MBA).  A marketing major who keeps his logical security by making fun of anything and everything.  Angad has been hailed as one of the most promising comedians in the Indian comedy scene.

Appurv Gupta

Appurv Gupta is a Hinglish stand-up comdedian from  Delhi. Completed his B.tech from JIIT, Noida, chose to be a stand-up comedian rather than working for corporate offices. Gupta was ranked second in "Top 20 Indian stand-up comedian in 2014" by CNN-IBN, and was shortlisted in the Forbes India 100 Celebrities nominees list of 2015 by Forbes India.

Vikramjit Singh

Vikramjit singh is not only a stand-up delhi based comedian but he has his write ups too. He has opinions about anything and everything from Tinder to gyms to food choices and he expresses this with truck loads of humor. If you are a Punjabi with the guts to be able to laugh at Punjabis, then his show is your perfect place.

Abijit Ganguly

Abijit Ganguly's humor tackles the most mundane Indian problems like parents, pressure of getting married and what not. He is one of the few bi-lingual stand-up comedians in our country who is equally comfortable in both English and Hindi. His solid corporate and educational ensures he connects to the highly qualified corporate people. The comedian has appeared on various TedX Talks, giving knowledge about being on stage, following dreams, and earning your bread in the process.

Raghav Mandava

This stand up comedian emerged from Delhi and has a remarkable name in this industry. His shows are mostly sold out. Raghav is also the founder and director of Cheese Monkey Mafia, a free-willed collective pushing performance arts in the Delhi/NCR region. He always tries to come up with something new whenever he is on the stage.

Nishant Tanwar 

He is also known by his stage name Joke Singh.He began his started working at NDTV as an editor, he found his incline toward the stand-up comedy during an open-mic event. . When stand up comedy was just hitting the peak, he quit his career in the media industry and became a full-time comedian. He began performing in Gurgaon in 2009. His humor is universal—connecting with all segments of people breaking social and age group barriers.


Abhishek Upmanyu

A boy from Delhi now lives in Mumbai and has shy nature. His fast delivery of words, his quick tongue, bang on jokes one after the other. He thinks faster than he speaks. He is one of the finest young comedians in the country. He recently came out with a brand new show, Thoda Saaf Bol

Sundeep Sharma

Sundeep's stories remind you of a Jeeves monologue and an R. K. Laxman cartoon that has come alive. He was also named as one of the ‘Best in Stand-up’ by Canvas Laugh Club, and has won a number of international awards including the Cannes Lions for his voice over and writing work. He is one of the artist who performs on political satires that are based on in depth knowledge of the subject. They connect with the audience and simple too.

Jeeveshu Ahluwalia

If you are a Punjabi or fond of Punjabi people then you will definitely relate to every joke by this artist. Jeevesh Ahluwalia is a Delhi based comedian. His gigs are related to everyday problems. He has the knock out punchlines that will make you laugh till your faces hurt. The style in which he tells his jokes is hilarious and definitely is his trademark!


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