10 Childhood Indian Super Villains We Hated The Most

10 Childhood Indian Super Villains We Hated The Most

No story is complete if there is no villain in the story. Villain is the spice of the whole story. Here is the list of 10 most annoying super villains that we can never forget.

1. Cruella/ Kaali Pari 

You probably hated this lady in your childhood from Son Pari. Kaali Pari was looking for Fruity because it is written on the prophecies that Fruity will kill Kali Pari . So, to save Fruity, Son Pari made Fruity's look a like to protect her.

2. Dajjal 

Our Favourite Superhero "Hatim" had to solve seven questions, to eliminate the power being given by dark forces to Dajjal, and for this purpose he had to set off on a journey to distant lands and fantasy. Dajjal was no doubt, one of the most evil villian we knew.   Slowly all of Dajjal's powers and magical towers get devastated as Hatim solves these questions.


3. Dr. Danger 

Entering into the army of Virat with the new and cool name " DOCTORRR DANGERR" and that powerful weapon though. Dr Danger Was the Villian From Our Childhood favourite "Hero". He had the poisonous weapons perfect to beat up hero, but not enough to kill him. Hero and the team always had the upper hand, in the end.


 4. Tamrash Kilvish

The most ugliest looking villain of all time from Shaktimaan! The archenemy of Shaktimaan. Tamraj means King of Darkness. He wanted to rule the world by spreading darkness, hatred and evil.

5. MoJo JoJo 

This monkey villain in Power Puff Girls has everything on point! He is very redundant, and often states the obvious. He was the no.1 enemy of Power Puff Girls.

6. Team Rocket 

Remember how after every defeat from the hero Ash, they always warn him "They will return once again"! (But they never achieved this)

7. Mogambo

The very famous dialogue "mogambo khush hua" by the vetaran actor Amrish Puri is unforgettable!

8. Teja

Teja and his iconic mark "Teja mein hoon! Mark idhar hai."

9. Raka 

Chacha Chaudhary is one of most read comics in india and no story and Raka plays the role of a villain in Chacha Chaudhary's life.

10. Akku

Akku is one of the most dangerous villain from Samurai Jack. And it took lot of effort to defeat him. Akku not only gave us the laughs but he was also a threatening villain. He is one of the ruthless and manipulative demon.

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