‘The Simpsons’ Dangerously Close To “Predicting” The World Cup Final

‘The Simpsons’ Dangerously Close To “Predicting” The World Cup Final

Sixteen years ago, an episode of "The Simpsons" predicted that Donald Trump would one day become US president.

And this wasn't the only time the writers had managed to predict the future.

A Mexico and Portugal World Cup final? Only 'The Simpsons' could predict it

Mexico and Portugal fans have begun to wonder if they are destined to reach this year's World Cup final - because of a Simpsons episode from 1997.

S09E05 of The Simpsons entitled The Cartridge Family opens with an international soccer/football game being played in Springfield. Those Simpsons obsessives among you will clearly remember it, no doubt. The match is billed as the one that will “determine once and for all which is the greatest nation on Earth: Mexico or Portugal.”

The Simpsons’ prediction isn’t pure fantasy, either.

It could still become reality after Portugal's dramatic draw with Iran on Monday which saw them finish second in Group B, putting them into the top half of the draw for the knockout stage.

Mexico currently top Group F and if they win the group they will be in the bottom of the draw, meaning they cannot meet Portugal until the final.

And TWITTER USERS were quick to mention it :-











While it's nice to think about, it's certainly a long shot. These teams will have to fight other favourites in the knockout stages including Spain, Belgium, Germany and Brazil (sorry England). 


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