Deadpool Wasn't Always The Crime Fighting Badass, Here Are His Biggest Weaknesses Nobody Knows About.

Deadpool Wasn't Always The Crime Fighting Badass, Here Are His Biggest Weaknesses Nobody Knows About.

Marvel has always given the finest superheroes in the world and Deadpool is one of the most well known among them. Deadpool is known for his crass humor amalgamated well with the fourth wall breaking abilities.

Born as a villain in 1991, The Merc With A Mouth has proven himself to be a different type of superhero. This also means that he has different types of weaknesses that no other superhero has. When it comes to Deadpool weaknesses are few and far between, many of us will consider being immortal as a boon ( A curse by Thanos proved to be a superpower for Deadpool. He has got incredible healing powers which help him regrow his organs as well. So, Deadpool is undoubtedly forever and for eternity. ) Still, everyone must have their flaws

Here's a list of Weaknesses Bet You Didn’t Knew Deadpool Has :

1. Deadpool’s Phobia For Cows ( Bovinophobia ) And Clowns

Deadpool has a great fear of cows and clowns. The Merc has said cows “scare the shit outta” him because when they stare at you with their soulless eyes, they wait for you to make the wrong move and that leads them to attack….or so he says. Clowns, he detests and calls them the greatest threat to Earth after Galactus. In the Cable & Deadpool storyline, “Enema of the State,” he kills many of them in a “blood-spurting, hanky-hiding-up-your-sleeve-big-footed ass-kicking.”

2. His Mental State

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is a brain disorder marked by an ongoing pattern of inattention or hyperactivity or impulsivity that interferes with functioning or development. For this reason, Deadpool has a hard time concentrating on one task like fighting or having a conversation with someone. He is so easily distracted that any villain or opponent could take advantage of this.

From the outside, everything may look peachy for the sword-wielding man in red, but inside, his head is a bubbling cauldron of madness waiting to explode

His schizophrenia and battle with depression lie just beneath his comedy routines. The evidence of his mental breakdown can be seen through his audio and visual hallucinations and memory problems, but the worst of it is his violent outbursts, where he unleashes his illness onto everyone in his path.


Deadpool has confessed that his true and only weakness are kittens. The cute furballs are a distraction that just pulls his heartstrings.

They’re the perfect distraction when you’re down in the dumps, and they can instantly put you back in the asskicking spirit, even if you’re more of a dog person. , So it goes without saying that this weakness makes Deadpool a bit more likeable.

4. Gluttony- Chimichangas, Pancakes, Tacos and much more

The deep-fried dish popular in the southern U.S. and Mexico has become part of Deadpool’s catchphrases, but in Cable & Deadpool, it was finally revealed that the food item wasn’t as dear to the mercenary’s heart as fans always imagined. In fact, according to the antihero, he just loves saying the word, while he finds the gooey, cheesy deliciousness of the food itself to be subpar at best. Still, chimichangas aren’t the only food he’s made a big deal about over the years. He’s also shown quite a liking for pancakes and tacos.

In Night of the Living Deadpool, He wakes up to a world overrun by zombies after slipping into a self-induced food coma inside a Mexican restaurant. If it was chimichangas on his plate, which he claims to not even like that much, then you know he has a problem. Of course, feeding someone so much that they become drowsy and fall asleep isn’t the most practical way to get the one-up over them, but it’s definitely one way to go about it.


Deadpool has always been a bit of a flirt who just loves to be in love. The movie saw the hero have a relationship with Vanessa aka Copycat which pretty much dictated the premise of the film. In the comics, his love life has caused him more trouble than he could handle.

Apart from Copycat, other notable women who have found their way onto the Deadpool love boat include Siryn, Death, his ex-wife Mercedes, and Carmelita Camacho. As a man of many loves, it’s fair to say Wade gets around, and much like in the movies, his romantic partners can be a distraction.

6.His Disfigurement

After the tests in Weapon X, Wade Wilson was left with a disfigured appearance that will affect him deeply for the rest of his life. The character may make jokes about himself but in truth, his distaste for his appearance drove him to become more of a crazy character with a vendetta. His disfigurement serves as a perpetual reminder of everything that was done to him by the maniacal surgeon Dr. Killebrew and his assistant Ajax.

Although his appearance has also shown to be a strength in many ways, giving him the will to become the violent hero he is now, there’s no denying it helped to inspire his gallows humor. The scars cut deeper than the surface, and if you can penetrate deep enough into that self-conscious attitude, you have a slight chance to use it to your benefit. 

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