What happened after Captain America's went to Sleep? Explained.

Agent Carter

Are you curious to know what happened after Cap went under the ice ?
How the SHIELD( Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.) was established ?
How Howard Stark rose to fame ?
What happened to Caps love interest Peggy Carter ?
Was their any relationship between Peggy and Howard (both are founders of Shield) ?
Who the hell was Jarvis ?

All your answers lie in the Series, Agent Carter by Marvel. 
Featuring actors such as Hayley Atwell(Peggy Carter) , James D'Arcy and Dominic Cooper(Howard Stark, more sassier than Tony Stark himself)
It is a must watch for Marvel fans. 
It shows how agencies operated in that time(1940s). 
And the background story of Peggy. 

This Series starts from after Cap went down in Ice. It shows how the War was won. And what "work" the numerous Agents of 106th(Watch Captain America the first Avenger to know more) did afterwards. 

It also shows the suspected training grounds of the Black Widow.

It especially focuses on Agent Carter and shows how she endured the death of Cap, it also shows how Howard recovered the Tesseract from the heart of the ocean. 

My rating - 4.0/5.0.

Do watch it know the Mystery of Jarvis :D 

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