What is Quantum Realm and How Can It Be Helpful in Defeating Thanos. Ant Man ending Explained!

What is Quantum Realm and How Can It Be Helpful in Defeating Thanos. Ant Man ending Explained!

Although the ending was a bit confusing and movie seemed like an unnecessary extension, "Ant Man and The Wasp" and "Quantum Realm" might play a vital part in defeating the multidimensional villain, Thanos. So buckle up, and if you haven't seen the movie yet, major spoilers ahead!

Relation Between Soul World and Quantum Realm

One of the many, many hurtful scenes in Infinity War, included Thanos sacrificing his adopted daughter Gamora in exchange for the Soul Stone. He threw her down a hill on Vormir, the planet where Red Skull from Captain America lives. Her dead body is shown on a mountain. Towards the end of the movie, Thanos is seen talking to a young Gamora in an orange world, which made fans question whether Gamora is really dead or her soul is just trapped inside the soul stone. The Russo Brothers recently confirmed that this was indeed the Soul World.
It is possible to leave the Soul World, and, because he has the ability to shrink into the Quantum Realm and defy time and space, Ant Man could, potentially, rescue Gamora. 
If he does, the Soul Stone wouldn't  belong to Thanos anymore because of Red Skull's "soul for a soul" deal. If Thanos has one less Infinity Stone and a broken gauntlet, the Avengers might just have a chance to defeat him with the help of Captain Marvel.

Ant Man Gets New Powers

Based on another theory, Ant Man might get special powers from being stuck in the Quantum Realm for a long time. The Wasp's mother, Janet Van Dyne was stuck in the Quantum Realm for 10 years and got the powers to transfer quantum energy.
At the end of the movie, Janet, Hank and Hope stay in the real world while Scott Lang shrinks into the subatomic microverse. When he tells them to bring him back, they are shown to have turned to dust after Thanos' snap. Between this and the events of IW2, he may be stuck in the Quantum Realm for a long time and attain special powers, which may or may not be the same as those of Janet.
Since we have no idea about what the Infinity War Part 2 will be called, its title could tell a lot about what we're going to see happen next. Which will be most probably revealed at San Diego Comic Con. Are you as excited as we are? Check out more of our blogs for real time coverage of the Comic Con!
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