Parmanu Trailer Is Here, And All We Can Say Is "OH MY GAWD!"

Parmanu Trailer Is Here, And All We Can Say Is "OH MY GAWD!"

After all the delays and clashes John Abraham's movie's first trailer is out and it is amazing. The movie releases on 25th May. The release month is same as the month in which the mission took place! (*coincidence alert*) If you are confused whether to watch this movie or not then we are here to help you out. We give you 5 reasons to watch this ultimate movie. 

1.Good Things Take Time


After failing two release dates Parmanu is all set to release on 25th may. The wait for this movie made everyone more curious to know the reason its delay. There was some financial clashes between the two co producers which led to this delay. But the wait is over now.

2. Trailer Is Enough




After this clash, everybody agreed and finally its trailer is released. The trailer starts with heavy voice of Boman Irani which itself make us thrilled. And the movie also highlights the histories that India has created in its past! (And we are proud of that!)

3. Aghast Mission

The major reason to watch this movie is because of the Mission on which the movie is based on! Talking about the histories, one of them falls in May, 1988, when India tested fusion bombs in Pokhran, Rajasthan. 

4. The Heavy Name – PARMANU

Parmanu is about a team who has to undergo a mission to carry out a secret operation without the world knowing about it. Isn’t this making you excited? As the trailer highlights that this mission didn’t got much discussions, but this mission put India on the course to become a nuclear power.

5. John John John

And guess what, who is leading that Parmanu team? He is our hulk man John Abraham. He can just make any movie look more powerful and intense.


Now, I guess you have made up your mind to go and watch this flick. Make it your mission to watch it on 25th May 2018.

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