Shaktimaan Is The Best Superhero Ever Created and We Have Proof.

Shaktimaan Is The Best Superhero Ever Created and We Have Proof.

No 90's kid can deny the fact that they haven't seen Shaktimaan. He was our desi superhero who made our childhood adventurous. so here are the 10 reasons that prove our Shaktimaan better than any other superhero!

Reaching out to Crime Places


Other super heroes fly or jump, which is just so monotonous, but our Shaktimaan can spin and fly...... Fuuucckk, Fuuucckkk Fuuccckk

 Loyal Audience

The Superhero has the most loyal audience who sits there in front of television on every Sunday at 12 noon (and some of them write about how he is the best superhero ever). Which other super hero can have this loyal audience? None. Period.


The most important part of the show is not only entertainment but also the good things Shaktimaan taught. Other Superheroes don't care about the impact of their actions on younglings and live like a KWEL person doing whatever They Want! We all know Shaktimaan was the real cool superhero who gave the best advices in the multiverse. Chhoti chhoti magar moti baatein!  session of the series made every child guilty. Wasn’t, our parents enough to give advices? *eyesroll*

That Costume Though


AAaaahhhh!!!! The best part is that maroon colour costume and that bright gold  sun in the centre. How can any other superhero match to that combination and those killer looks?

Can't match the fitness level!

Other superheroes have 6 packs abs and muscles to fight against crime. But our beloved superhero Shaktimaan can fight and save people with his PAUNCH. No muscle yet very strong. Isn’t that supercool?


Shaktimaan doesn’t need to show off his undies. He likes to keep it in and classy!

Incredible Villains 



No other Superheros has variety of this many badass looking Villains like Kilvish, poisonous Kekraman (Crab-man), Electric-man, Sahab and how can we forget Jackal.

Identity Disguise


Instead of Wearing Masks like some Vigilante, our beloved Shaktimaan disguised himself by using the shortest name- Pandit Gangadhar Vidyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastri”. (Like we can't make the difference between the two?) 


Our superhero has all five natural elements of life, fire, earth, water, wind and sky invigorated his body! Like waittt whhhaaaaaaaatttttttt?

Love Story

Shaktimaan’s love angle with Geeta Biswas and the Indian Rom-Com like story got us all interested. Does any other superhero can be so loyal to his love?


We hope that our desi Superhero will make a comeback soon so that we can sit in front of our T.V every Sunday at 12 noon. Love You Shaktimaan. 

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