Ever Thought Of Becoming A Roadie? Here's the Guide to Become One.

Ever Thought Of Becoming A Roadie? Here's the Guide to Become One.

You have been following this show since your teenage. And we know you have always wished to be the part of the show. So, are you fit for roadies? We got some tips for you to get into that!

Surviving the Hard Times

You have to be a master at politics. And above all just keep devious look on your face that shows you are the only MASTERMIND there! Just pretend that you know all the tactics to survive each and every vote out.

 Bro-Code Not Broken

You might be familiar with the word- CONNECTIONS (Just. Maintain. Them). Sorry for this, but a piece of advice, don’t forget to stab them in their back so that you both fight and increase the TRP. 

Create Drama out of Nothing!

Not a pro at crying instantly? Then get some training because instant crying is the new trend on roadies. Just try to make your exit emotional so that everybody remembers you always. And make sure that people do cry! And not to forget get that ROADIES SALUTE!

Get the Best from the Wardrobe!

What roadies is about? Being adventurous, sporty and performing all tasks, and for that you need to have the active wear. Nah! You all are wrong here, you have to have the best clothes for your vote out. Be it glittery and glamorous.

 Showcase your Fitness Skills

Oh! I just forgot to mention FITNESS. Sometimes, the judges can also consider your fitness level. But, the chances of you being selected can decrease.

We hope that this would help you to get an entry into the Show. And don't forget to thank us if you got selected in ROADIES.

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