How To Get Guaranteed Tinder Matches in 2018. Trick Revealed.

How To Get Guaranteed Tinder Matches in 2018. Trick Revealed.

Tinder Desirability Score matters

Tinder ranks its users internally by desirability (something they call an ELO Score). If your score is 5 then your profile will be visible to people with scores 4-6. Therefore it is important to increase your score by following certain steps:
  • First Photo Should Be Just You Smiling

Make sure that you put your first picture “a smiling picture” with your face visible. Not giving your left or right profile. As the other person is not a director of any film and he/she wants your side profiles!

  • Group Photos Not Allowed!

Girls and guys you don’t have to put a picture with your best friend or any Groupfie. Please. The other person wants to see you not your friends. So, pleased don’t make this mistake.

P.S - The other person might like your friend rather than you. So, don’t take a chance.

  • Let Your Pictures Stand Out From The Crowd

People suggest that wear light colour for your pictures as it enhances your personality. But this is valid for your interviews only, not for dating! Wear something bright for your pictures and try to stand out in crowd. Dare to be different!

  • Add Your Hobbies!

Try to put one picture showing your hobby. This will tell other person about your interest.
P.S – this will also give you a topic for further conversation. 

DON'T JUST Swipe Right! Swipe Right! Swipe Right!

    Tinder follows an algorithm. You can neither swipe right nor left to everybody as this can be penalised. This doesn’t means you have to be too picky! Make it a balance between 30% -70%.

    A piece of suggestion: Try to do this work on a Sunday, as everybody would be hungover in bed. And usually on a Sunday the app users are active and free!

    Long Conversations Increase Rankings

      Another rule lies here! Try to make an attractive move! With this, I mean don’t send messages continuously, be a little patient and wait for the reply. (If you don’t get a reply. Then Hard luck!)

      But if you are sending a message to your match and you got an immediate reply then you are going the right way and it’s beneficial for you.

      Be Active on Tinder

      Make sure that you are active on tinder, it’s the only way to make your profile visible to large amount of people. Your profile will become worse if you are inactive and not a regular visitor!

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