Adrift- Surfaces A True Story On The Struggle For Survival

Adrift- Surfaces A True Story On The Struggle For Survival

STX Entertainment has set a June 1 release date for the romantic drama “Adrift,” starring Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin, filling the spot vacated by “Deadpool 2.”

If you haven't seen the trailer yet, You can watch it below:

The movie is based on the true story of a woman and her fiance who, after setting sail from Tahiti, couldn’t anticipate they would be sailing directly into one of the most catastrophic hurricanes in recorded history. In the aftermath of the storm, Tami awakens to find Richard badly injured and their boat in ruins. With no hope for rescue, Tami must find the strength and determination to save herself and the only man she has ever loved.The rest of the story follows her 1,500 mile journey back to Hawaii while battling the elements.
ADRIFT is the unforgettable story about the resilience of the human spirit and the transcendent power of love.
Experience this nautical journey of physical and emotional struggle when Adrift lands in theaters on June 1, 2018.

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