Atypical, An underrated TV show that deserves Recognition.  #CraxyReviews

Atypical, An underrated TV show that deserves Recognition. #CraxyReviews


The title makes no sense. Yes, you heard it right, it makes no sense for a scholar or one who doesn't like watching TV shows or movies etc. The story behind getting to know about this show is hilarious and some may say lamely.

It was a fine and bright afternoon and I was searching for my go-to video browser 'YOUTUBE' fro 13reasonswhy songs' and then I got a glimpse of this show teaser. What made me watch this teaser is that it looks like it involved high school and that stuff intrigues me every time whether it is a show or a movie. After seeing the teaser, with no doubt in my mind I started this show and the rest is history.


Who is it for? To like-minded people. Why did i say that? Because according to various stereotypical sources, this would mean hurting the sentiments of those type of humans. I will guarantee if Indian parents of our time would watch this, the accurate sentence coming out of their mouth  will be - "AISE ACHA LAGTA YEH LOG YEH SAB DIKHA RAHE HAIN JOKI HAMARI PARAMPARA KE VIRUUDH HAI "



The thing I liked about the show is how they depicted the harsh REALITY of life. If you I'll ask me what is the genre, I'll say there is no particular genre for this show. Like I've literally cried over some scenes and in contrary laughed over others. There is drama, there is suspense, there is love; what more could anyone asks for.



Yes, there is a sneak peek for this show. It is on youtube. 

BEWARE If you watch the trailer, you'll be on the edge of what is going on and unknowingly you'll develop an urge to watch the show, so watch the teaser only when you spare time.



There you go with the sneak peek and when it comes to rating, i would rate it a 4/5. The one point that I reduced is because the somewhere in the show some sentiments are way too over the line for teenagers.

Above all, its a GO-TO show for any adult/teenager/parent.



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