An Underrated John Green Book That Should Be Considered Better Than 'Fault in Our Stars', 'Looking For Alaska' is a must read for Rom Com Crazies.

Looking for Alaska

This is a book by John Green (Author of The Fault in Our Stars).
It is a must read if you read John Green or RomCom Genre in general.

The book is written in a really different manner, it has two parts Before and After, you will get to Before what and after what when you will read it.

It has many mind boggling one-liners, and you will just fall in love with the protagonists attitude.

"Y'all smoke to enjoy it; I smoke to die" 

Also, the title itself has a really different meaning, than the one you might have imagined.

Not giving away too much, I’m just gonna say that after reading this book, you will think of friendship, love and Death in a very different manner.

I would rate it 3.5/5, because I don’t really like this genre and some parts of the books are not well written.

I reason you should pic this book is this quote - 

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  • If u like “Looking for Alaska” you should try out “The Sea of Tranquility”

    • Faizan Buch