Bhavesh Joshi Superhero An Aam Admi Vigilante Story That Needs To Be Applauded.

Bhavesh Joshi Superhero An Aam Admi Vigilante Story That Needs To Be Applauded.

Vikramaditya Motwane finally came up with a tale of heroism and patriotism alike and tells us how simple it is to serve the nation, interestingly the movie is dark and realistic take on the superhero genre.

In one of the scenes while hanging out with a couple of girls in a club, Sikander (Harshvardhan Kapoor) tells one of them, “We are like DC. Cooler. Darker. Edgier.” and the movie is definitely dark and edgy.

I felt that this movie is an alter-ego of DC's Iconic Character Batman but in a very Indian middle class manner, For example here Gotham City is morphed into the Mumbai and you can feel the vibe of Kick-Ass movie which focuses primarily about the guy with no superpowers but strives to be a superhero of justice.

The movie is primarily about three friends, Bhavesh Joshi, Sikander Khanna and Rajat, who is a writer and he shares his idea of his graphic superhero novel based in Mumbai fights corruption on the streets of the city

This particular idea clicks with them as they too are passionate about removing the corruption from the society.

Eventually they start an online channel– Insaaf TV and their main motive is to stop people from doing the wrong things and their early efforts at vigilantism can be seen when they involve calling out offenders peeing against walls or those breaking traffic signals wearing brown paper grocery bag with a zany grin and slit which you can see below.

As the movie continues, Bhavesh realizes that he needs to do something bigger and he eventualy comes across a local politician ( Nishikant Kamat ) and his world changes forever, Joshi finds himself facing the wrath of local powers namely corporators, cops and the ministers goons.

A particularly revealing scene where Bhavesh Joshi, courtesy of a video of his rant against corruption, is declared anti-national by some of the elements of the society and he gets beaten up severely by a mob. In present times when political realities are difficult to portray realistically, the film displays some clever writing.

Meanwhile Sikandar and Rajat, on the other hand, get caught up in the office grind and grow out of the activism, creating a rift between them and Bhavesh.

This particular plot reminds me of something Batman Begins where Bruce Wayne says about Batman being a symbol, and that anyone can become him.

‘Bhavesh Joshi’ too is a symbol and just like Bruce Wayne, Sikander too believes in keeping his identity safe to protect his loved ones and his girlfriend who goes on to become an attorney. ( Shreiyah Sabarwal’s role is short and it seems she is kept more like an eye candy in this film )

On the whole the movie is more like an origin story, the problem is that the story is dragged too long, making it bit boring at times. Impact of superhero movies and graphic novels is obvious throughout the movie, It’s a genuinely well-made film and it is clearly obvious that the director didn’t set out to make something that is as ambitious as the Marvel or Dc superhero films, but it’s ambitious nonetheless. You can see a lot of conviction and sincerity here, and for that, Motwane deserves to be applauded.

 * I personally enjoyed the movie, unlike its previous predecessors its more original, gritty and Indian, finally we have real character dealing with local problems. Guys watch out for the chase scene its absolutely worth all the money, the movie isn't all-perfect but clearly the best Indian attempt at the superhero genre so far. Will be eagerly waiting for it's sequel.

Guys go watch it before it gets replaced by yet another disappointment from Bollywood. 

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