Jobs that didn't Exist 20 Years Ago

Jobs that didn't Exist 20 Years Ago

As we are advancing at a steady speed a lot of jobs that were previously known as the staple careers options are no longer in existence. However, on a bright note the rapid development of new technology in recent decades has seen a lot of new careers options evolve.

Technological and social advancement always provide Big innovations which create a lot of new jobs while sidelining some.

Technology is constantly changing the way we work, live, and play, Back in 2006 Facebook was in its infancy, Twitter was being launched, and nobody had iPhones. Ten years on, the world is a very different place, and so is the workplace. the salary for some of these jobs can sometimes be very high, which is good news.

From being a Social Media Influencer to a Drone Operator, here’s a curated list of Jobs/occupations that weren’t around in the early 2000

1. Drone operator

Despite drones not being particularly new Drone Operators have been there for the Army, a career as a drone operator for the likes of advertising and marketing organisations or the police is new. As drone use increases, it is likely this career will also continue to grow

2. Well-being Coach/Online Nutritionist

While diets are nothing new, nowadays many people are preoccupied with eating clean and which food are deemed good or bad and such seeing a Nutritionist is fairly nominal, Thanks to social media sites like Instagram, self employed nutritionist are able to build a fair amount of following easily and reach a much much wider audience through YouTube.

The trend of Instagramming your meals and showing off the results has seen a spike in job opportunities for these well-being coaches.

3. Online Community Manager

According to the recent Study about 46% of the world’s population has access to the internet and a significant number of them spend their time in online communities.

Be it promoting a cause or discussing about the latest movies, sports and  videogames. These days online communities are among the primary centre of interaction.

The Online Community Manager’s duty is to ensure these people enjoy the community experience and ultimately generate goodwill for the company’s cause.

As simple as the role sounds, they usually require a diverse skill set including social media management, marketing, PR and customer support.

4. Digital Marketing Expert

In the recent  times i believe marketing is the only industry that has been most affected by recent technological advancements. And since new tech innovations keep shipping out everyday, digital marketing experts are needed to help take the company’s marketing plan and strategy online and to the customers.

A digital marketing manager plans and manages the digital elements of a company’s marketing plan. A digital marketing manager also usually needs to coordinate with print marketing and public relations teams to make sure the company’s marketing objectives are focused and consistent

5. Social Media Influencer

While being an influencer isn't the most traditional career, In recent years, brands have been using these so called "influencers" as the face of their advertisements.

Some of these top Influencers earn thousands of dollars per post on apps that weren't even around until this past decade.They get money, as well as free clothes and vacations, by plugging certain places or products on their social media accounts as long as they have enough followers. 

6. Social Media Manager

It's hard to imagine a time before Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, as nowadays an entire career are built around the social media networks.

Social Media has become increasingly important to businesses of all sizes over the past few years, today social media is a major channel through which brands interact with their customers. 

Their role can include everything from managing a social marketing campaign to sending out tweets and helping a company position its brand through social media.

7. App Developer

Kudos to development in technology, Apps are now a Big Business, they are the 21st century's way of interacting with the help of phones and tablets. Want to do something with cool your phone? Chances are, there’s already an app for that, With some of the major ones like Snapchat and Instagram worth billions, the demand of app's on Both Android and IOS has provided developers and programers a whole host of new oppportunitues and trust me without the App Developers, our smartphones would be pretty expensive pieces of boring tech

8. Blogger

The rise of bloggers has been the most noticeable over recent years with some of the most successful gaining their product line, these bloggers make significant amount of money for promoting products or brands, and sometimes ending up with book deals. To be frank this job also has the lowest barrier to entry on this list i.e. barrier to entry is non-existent. I mean, not even the inability to write can stop you from hitting it big in this role.

9. Virtual Assistant

People in this role usually provide remote assistance to those working from home, or for those who don’t want to hire full-time staff and they are usually on contract or freelance basis, who do their jobs from home and focus on administrative tasks. Thanks to the internet and some really amazing task management tools, this job role can be done from anywhere with ease.

10. Content moderators

Content moderators are people who are hired to moderate the things that get uploaded/posted to sites like Facebook or YouTube by users, and make sure that they're compliant with the terms of the site. They also filter through items that have been flagged as inappropriate.

While the internet can be a great place for people to share their artwork, speak their mind, and connect with people across the globe, it takes content moderators to make sure that its various platforms remain a safe and pleasant place to spend time.


* Will your job still exist 20 or 25 years from now? If it does exist, it would probably have evolved. What will it look like? Do share us your thought in the comment section below


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