NITISHASTRA : A Short Film, But Big On Morals. Taapsee Pannu's Movie Will Make You Think.

Taapsee Pannu still has the same fierce from her movie "Pink". She has come up yet again with the sensitive issue of women harassment and self defence with – "Nitishastra". Making her stance against women harassment bolder with breathtaking performances in movies like "Pink" and "Mera Naam Shabana" She's back with the same zeal and boldness in this 20 min short film that'll blow your mind.


This short film shows Taapsee as a self defense trainer who trains women to protect themselves from the evil eyes. She has a younger brother whom she loves a lot and always takes care of him. But the story takes a sudden turn after one night, and the relation between brother-sister comes to an end! What can be the major reason of this turn? Taapsee has to choose between her morals and her family. Whom will she choose?

You have to watch this short film RIGHT NOW. It will definitely going to  leave you with numerous thoughts.


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