Caravan: An Underrated Indian Comic Book Which is Better Most International Comics I've Read.

Caravan: An Underrated Indian Comic Book Which is Better Most International Comics I've Read.

In India the comic culture is not adapted the way it is in other countries. The comic audience is really niche in India. In fact this niche audience love the comics from other countries. Due to which the comic culture has not grown in India, and much of the Indian Published comics do not get much recognition. One such comic is The Caravan.

The Caravan is the 88 pages classic horror /action / adventure comic which is full of spicy Bollywood masala. It is written and scripted by Shamik Dasgupta.

The story has a very interesting plot. For ages a group of witches and vampires travels the deserts of Rajasthan. In order to mislead villagers, they dress up as the caravan of nautanki or a gypsy circus. They attack the innocent villagers as they invite them to perform.  In this course of the night they feed on every living soul. Their monstrous actions remained undetected for years, in fact for centuries. But this continued till the young boy escaped their attack. As he grows up he became a smuggler across the border and on a fateful day he gets arrested.

Jai the custodian cop and Asif get stuck in the desert of Rajasthan, so they found a shelter in the fort which run by the border security force and the officer in charge, Daroga Bhairo Singh. As the night passes slowly, the caravan of nautanki appear again on that night. As asif knows about them, he became terrified. So, he tried to warn others but nobody believed him. They all got awestruck by the the glamour of the nautanki, they make the fatal mistake of inviting them to the fort. Then the night took the bloodbath as the caravan of nautanki began their mass murders. Earlier Asif was able to escape the attack..... will he be able to escape this time?

For this you have to read this super adventure comic. The comic gives more than what is being expected. The comic is quite a bold, mature narrative. Characterizations, languages and accents are sufficiently detailed and localized, to give an authentic Indian feel to the story.

According to IGN India "The Caravan managed to pleasantly surprise me. There’s a certain amount of Bollywood mixed in with clear influences of Western vampire media that gives this story a very special flavor."

Goodreads Rated This comic 3.33 out of 5. 

If you really wished to read the Indian Comic then we suggest that you should definitely try this out.

The comic was released in Bengaluru Comic Con 2013.



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