You can’t afford to miss the movie of the year – Baaghi 2! Yes we mean that. How? Let’s prove this to you.

You can’t afford to miss the movie of the year – Baaghi 2! Yes we mean that. How? Let’s prove this to you.

Because our hero can do multi task  


If Tiger is there then how he can miss on the action sequences! Its compulsory for him to break the legs and fly here and there. In baaghi he is multi talented and has switched his career from an investment banker to an army commander. Watch him looking more mature than before with his great martial art skills.

(As if he we haven’t seen his martial art skills before). Great Work Man.

You don’t wish to groove - Ek Do Teen re- make

madhuri dixit
(Madhuri Dixit after watching Ek Do Teen)


Making the re-make of the old hit songs of 80’s 90’s is the new trend in the Bollywood industry. This follows in this movie as well. In this song Jacqueline Fernandez tries to match (or disgrace) our most beloved star Madhuri Dixit. We wish Jackie you did justice to that song!

 (Dear Bollywood,

what do you have against my childhood? Why do you have to ruin it with monstrosities like #EkDoTeen remix?  

 - your die heart fan) 


 Worst ACTION Sequences – Never Seen Before


This time the action sequence is more than what you have expected (Literally!) watch Tiger being Tiger. Beating ever body to breaking bones to directly jumping and leaping into a flying chopper. How can you miss all these action sequences? 

                KICK, PUNCH, FLY REPEAT ( But we thought it’s EAT , SLEEP, RAVE, REPEAT, it might have changed! You have to get updated guys)

 Cringe worthy Dialogues You Can’t Miss


 There are dialogues that will surely make you feel that you whistle. The dialogues are the strength of the movie apart from the strength of TIGER SHROFF. The famous dialogue “jo ye tera torture hai, vo mera warm up hai” took the internet by storm. And the numerous memes on this dialogue are hilarious.


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