Good Luck - A Short Film By Sujoy Ghosh. Could You Sell Good Luck? #CraxyReviews

A short film named Good Luck by Sujoy Ghosh ( Director of Kahani Series), is mind boggling.It features Tina Desai and Kunal Roy Kapoor and was released in early 2018. It is presented by Star Plus.
The plot is extremely artistic, the character played by Kunal Roy Kapoor is intriguing, he is a salesperson who is trying to sell something as un-quantifiable as good luck.
The film is based in Goa and is of 30 minutes duration.

The film is really interesting as you don't find someone selling the most important thing in someone's life, good luck.

I would rate it - 3/5.

All those people who are curious to know how this thing can be sold , must watch this movie :) .

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